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I Wants Sex Date Dogging northants

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Dogging northants

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Couples dogging northamptonshire locations uk

Everdon Stubbs Either side of Farthingstone road pull ins dog trees along side into woods, the road to Preston Capes is probly the better of the two Grendon Lakes, Northampton Really good naked action happening in the summer months Horton From Horton, take a right along the back road to Denton halfway up onright hand side is old military camp.

It is very secluded and the drive into the park is far off the main road and unlit. A43 - Doggnig to Kettering Adam - Both sides of the road this is busy all the time, makes sure you use the left hand side layby on the way to Kettering as the right northanta side is a gay cruising northants. Seven norhtants a week, best at twilight and thereafter.

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Northampton Salcey Forest picnic area and the surrounding car-parks. From that survey I know we are doggihg one of the websites. Nights only usually unless you are brave. Havent they got better things to do. It's nice to see people feeling the freedom to losen up and enjoy themselves after a couple of hundred years of Victorian values. Between Holcot and Brixworth - car park is on the left at the bottom of the hill. It felt so naughty, but that made it feel soo right!

Northamptonshire dogging sites

Problem is though that the police all over the country are now harrasing the dogging community. Some daytime and evening fun can be had by mainly men seeking men here.

Take the left past the pub and follow s for the woods. Tony I think its really a very healthy activity! Send us your comments on dogging using the form below.

Dogging in northamptonshire

There's a large northants dog and lo of picnic areas close by with picnic tables and benches to screw on. He says: "there have been national surveys in countryside sites and I believe the statistics are that there's been a 60 per cent increase in dogging type activities over the past 12 months. To cut a longer story short, there were a few men standing outside a car, so we were polite and said "hi" and they replyed, and ended up standing chatting to the nicest people we have ever met at 1.

Honiss I go dogging most weekends, its so much fun and so exciting! All day gay action, various little hot single women to slip off to for play. Various couples both in and out of cars, within acres of woodland - some gay action too.

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If you want more theres a small field close but thats not for me. Nipple It is my favourite passtime.

A small field is off the lay-by. Follow this road a mile or so to a 'T' junction. A secluded spot Midsummer meadow Becketts park Mainly gay action in the evening and at weekends notrhants never really locked and there is a secluded woody area Northampton - Obelisk Centre Great secluded areas along with partially lit road and car park.

Towcester Racecourse John and Pat - Does anyone use the car parks round the race course? I know lots of woods and laybys around Wellingborough to meet up so message me Pitsford Reservoir - The car-park at Pitsford Reservoir is popular.

Between Holcot and Brixworth - car park is on the left dlgging the bottom of the hill. We think that more people should try it.

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I just love to in and don't mind if people watch me in action. Zoe and Becky We do it all the time and find it exilerating.

Me and some friends had a very pleasurable picnic, wink wink It doesn't close at night, it's not lit and it's pretty well secluded, about five miles from Northampton town itself. Welford Off A14 at Welford junction. Wellingborough - anyone for outdoor meets?

Dogging in northamptonshire

Follow this road a mile or so to a 'T' junction. Leave the M1 at A and head west. Carry on Dogging!

Various couples both in and out of cars, within acres of woodland - some gay action too. A secluded lay-by about 3 miles along the A45 on the left.