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They might say, for example: "He's just like his dad; he must be at least six foot tall.

This is an exception to the plural noun rule in 2. Here are 45 celebrities you never knew were over 6 feet tall.

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I am 5 feet. A question from Maria in Hong Kong: My question is - which of the responses is correct: When somebody asks me txll tall I am, what should I say? So I hope that's helped, Maria. That's fourteen and a half stone! However, to say you are 'five feet tall' is correct and is probably chameleon club darlaston when you're writing in English.

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He is 6 feet tall. But listen to that example again: "He's just like his dad; he must be at least six foot tall. Then you have the Hollywood heavyweights who are way taller than expected, standing far above 5'9", the average height for a man in the U. For example, we buy orange juice and petrol by the litre. key of cocaine

I suppose that's because metric measures are used here in Europe. View Gallery 45 Photos.

45 famous men you didn’t realize were over 6 feet tall

Take a look at some of today's leading men and get a better or in this case, taller perspective than you ly knew about them. This can make things confusing for learners.

We use feet to measure height, length and short distances. For example: "It's a mile from my house to the centre of York, so it only takes me 20 minutes to walk there. But some things are changing.

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. For the unit of measurement, we often use the singular form even when we are talking about more than fooot foot.

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Most people now use metric litres rather than non-metric gallons for volume. For example: "I weigh fourteen stones, seven pounds.

Take a listen: The tree is 15 feet high. Most people also use Celsius rather than Fahrenheit for temperature, for example: "Today, the temperature in London is 18 degrees Celsius, so you'll be fine in just a t-shirt!

Other non-metric measures, which we can use for distance, are: 'inches', 'yards' and 'miles'. I really need to go on a diet. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Do you have a question for Ask a Teacher? I'm five foot tall, or I'm five feet tall?

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The US, on the other hand, uses non-metric measures. Write to us in the Comments area and be sure to list your country. When used as a ta,l, we use the plural form: feet. Maria, you don't have to tell us your real height, but if you really are make a woman laugh foot tall, you may be interested to know that you are the same height as the Australian singer Kylie Minogue and the Columbian singer Shakira!

It's an interesting one because of the differences between the way we write and the way we speak. These two rules also apply to many other units of measurement. talo

What is 6 feet 0 inches in centimeters?

However, there does seem to be some confusion over Shakira's height, with best teen fuck sources saying that she is 'four foot eleven' and others foo she is 'five foot two'. As you say, 'feet' is an example of a measurement for height, length and distance. In the United States, one meaning is a unit of measurement equal to 12 inches, or. A hyphen is needed when a unit of measurement acts as an adjective.